We are no longer asking life for permission...

We are asking for what we want, doing the work to believe it is both possible and available to us (it always is) and creating a life that is fulfilling and feels good so we are ready to receive 

The reason we want the things we want is that we believe we will feel a certain way when we have them

I am here to teach you that you need to create that feeling, now

This is how you collapse time

This is how you create the space needed to allow what you desire (and things you haven’t yet imagined) to show up

what is work of heart

work of heart is the ultimate coaching experience in personal expansion for the aligned, high vibe woman: a mecca for mindset and making shift happen! I’d love to work with you. I work with a limited number of private clients annually, so don’t miss out!

is work of heart right for me

private coaching and mentorship is not for everyone. this is not a coaching container where I will make excuses for you, micro manage how you put the action steps into action or “check in” repeatedly

this level of coaching is where you reconnect with self, where you reinvent yourself and pivot what your life looks and feels like. it is where you learn to ask for support and are no longer interested in being the victim of your own life. it is for the woman who wants to learn balance – not living fully in the masculine or the feminine, instead learning to embrace them both 

dream client

you are ready to pivot, make shifts happen in your life and show up as your true self – refining who you are as many times as it takes. you are excited about what is possible and are willing to put new ways of being to the test in your own life

you are ready to have REAL and expansive conversations, be shown new ways, use new tools and be shown your blind spots while empowering yourself to seek in the moment guidance as life comes at you on a day to day basis

this is for the woman who wants to encompass all of who she is meant to be, in every area of her life 

Private Coaching Investment:

  • Pay in full for 6 months (bimonthly calls) $7,777k
  • Pay in full for 6 months (weekly calls) $11,111k
  • Pay in full for 12 months (bimonthly calls) $15k
  • Pay in full for 12 months (monthly calls)      $20k 

Monthly Payment plans available

*all investments are in Canadian dollars

Email info@jessicafrancesca.com for coaching application

DISCLAIMER: No coach or mentor can guarantee results or make you (or anyone) do the work. Therefore, I cannot and do not guarantee results. The testimonials associated with my coaching and mentorship may not be typical for all students or found in the same timing, but they are possible for all students who show up and do the work

Further, there are no refunds for coaching. Please ensure your questions are answered prior to signing up.

Email any questions you have to info@jessicafrancesca.com 

xoxo jess