A lot of people are good at reading books, listening to podcasts and finding inspirational quotes to turn into mantras and affirmations

Many people consume content and never see the results they could have achieved that were possible for them to experience if they had put the content into practice

Some people understand the art of taking action

….very few people can tie them all together

Personal empowerment is a way of life...

It is found in the standards you set

It is felt in the things you allow 

It is seen in the expectations you hold 

In the habits you keep and how you move through your life 

Most people know the anchor point of their personal worst, their own rock bottom

We then use this and the lack we find in our lives to justify the good that comes 

When we have suffered THEN we deem that we are deserving of better 

I am here to empower you...

Personal growth and empowerment are your birthright 

They invite you to get out of your own way

To stop lying to yourself about the things  you know you want 

To tell new stories 

To take the power out of the old ones and stop using them to justify the good or the bad that exist in your life today 

We are always attracting...

The universe is never punishing you, it is simply responding to you

It responds to who you actually are, not who you say you are or pretend to be because the universe speaks frequency and energy, not English or any other language 

Your life is feedback...

The life you are living is a reflection of what you perceive to be the truth and believe to be possible (and not possible) for you 

From the experiences you have to the opportunities that cross your path to the possibilities that exist, what’s available to you is limited only by the recurring thoughts you think which become the beliefs that you hold 

You get to decide...

You get to decide how this life goes for you 

I have had to make this decision too

With every new level, I continue to decide. It is a life long process and as I unpack and experience each new level of what is possible in my life, I show you not only what is possible in this life for you, but I master the tools to teach you how to get there and share vulnerably with the intention of inspiring you

I embody my work...

Living and breathing my work allows me to lay the foundation of coaching you through the tools that will serve you and lead by example as a mentor who continues to use and expand the tools I coach 

The life you want...

The truth is that you get to set the standards for your life


The standards of…

how you feel

what you do

how this life works

what you expect 

what you experience 


Together we will…

Set new standards

Tell new stories 

Create new expectations 


This is done by… 

Reframing old stories (and taking the power out of them)

Healing the things that have been holding power over you 

Cleaning up how you are spending your resources of time, energy & money

Tapping in to the “blocks” in your energy, your space & ultimately preventing your creativity

The investment...

I work with people who are ready to commit to this process, now 

Not tomorrow, next month or some unknown time the future 

You aren’t paying me for 3, 6 or 12 months of coaching and mentorship 

You are paying me for the years of real life experience, education, personal growth, expansion and mastery

You are investing in a coaching container, where the energy and space are held for you to expand as you unpack yourself and recreate who you are meant to be 

The process...

My coaching calls people to show up

It invites people to invest in themselves 

To commit to embody their future self 

To declare what they actually want


Make shift happen...

Working with me comes with unlimited access to me 

One weekly call + access to a second 30 minute call if needed 

Together, we make shit happen through shifts in your thinking, how you move, how you BE

You are a human being, its time to stop doing so much shit that is blocking the life you dream of living 

Timing is everything & the time is often now...

These two truths can ( and do ) co exist 

If life isn’t going how you want it to..

If life is not fulfilling..

If you are tired of your own shit, the same results, recreating things you didn’t want the first time..

It is time to stop lying to yourself when you know what you want or at least, what you don’t 

As soon as you start questioning if you deserve more, you do 

If you think there must bee, more out there for you, there is 

If you think there must be more to this life and start asking if you are deserving of more

….you are

We are no longer asking life for permission...

We are asking for what we want, doing the work to believe it is both possible and available to us (it always is) and creating a life that is fulfilling and feels good so we are ready to receive 

The reason we want the things we want is that we believe we will feel a certain way when we have them

I am here to teach you that you need to create that feeling, now

This is how you collapse time

This is how you create the space needed to allow what you desire (and things you haven’t yet imagined) to show up

Private Coaching Investment:

Pay in full for three months: $10k
Pay in full for six months: $15k
Pay in full for twelve months: $25k

Monthly Payment plan: $3,333k per month

*all investments are in Canadian dollars

Email info@jessicafrancesca.com for coaching application

DISCLAIMER: No coach or mentor can guarantee results or make you (or anyone) do the work. Therefore, I cannot and do not guarantee results. The testimonials associated with my coaching and mentorship may not be typical for all students or found in the same timing, but they are possible for all students who show up and do the work

Further, there are no refunds for coaching. Please ensure your questions are answered prior to signing up.

Email any questions you have to info@jessicafrancesca.com

xoxo jess