Hi Gorgeous!

I think of my work as a mecca for mindset. Built for the woman who wants it all and wants it delivered (much love to the ICONIC Bette Midler for these words) 

I have built my life around my passion for growth, inspiration and the empowerment of women (and some men too!) 

Leading others through the inner world of mindset, teaching the action of living with intention and learning the core truth that the things you are dreaming of are the very things meant for you is the work of my lifetime

Our thoughts make up the landscape of our mind. We can plant seeds of inspiration and creation, actively choosing what we allow to grow


We can remain a product of our current environment, our habitual thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears and habits, living in our zones of comfort

The truth is, what we aren’t actively changing, we are choosing and allowing

The universe is never testing or punishing us, it is simply responding to us

Our life, at any given moment, is simply the feedback of our recurring thoughts, what we believe we can (and cannot) have and who we currently believe we are, bringing what we focus on most to life (yes – even what we do not want)

Every day we each have the opportunity to invest in ourselves

The secret sauce when using your resources of time, money, energy and creativity is to marry them with intention and action – this is one of my favourite things to teach and watch others learn

You know your current life better than anyone

And I know alignment. I know how to create a life beyond what you can likely imagine is possible for you today – both within yourself and in the world around you 

Freedom comes when you realize the journey is truly based in who you become as you refine and expand your life experience

It wasn’t that many years ago that my own life was chaotic and based in lack – in every way possible 

Until I’d had enough, declared “no more” and went all in. If life was a roulette table, I bet it all on myself because I truly had nothing to lose

I was a single mom to my three beautiful sons, raising them on my own. Going through a divorce that consumed me and every resource in every way. Trying to make ends come even close to meeting. Trying to make anything make sense. Asking myself daily what I was missing as I spun my wheels of thought in the chaos that was happening all around me and within myself

I was standing in my own way. Focused on what was my current reality and who I was being that was allowing it. I had a lot of anger and resentment. I was full of fear. The unknowns felt endless. What direction to go was nowhere in sight. Moments of feeling hopeless kept me up at night and felt like a weight I carried on my heart all day

It looks me YEARS to figure it out and to move out of my own way

But the more I did, the faster my life changed because I was changing and evolving 

I outgrew the version of myself that allowed lack. I healed the parts of me that tolerated chaos and being treated poorly. I left behind the false beliefs and limits that had me expecting to watch others live their best lives while I barely got by

Somewhere inside of myself I KNEW there was more meant for me and I started focusing on that (and that alone)

I started dreaming and envisioning what I would do with things like free time, peace of mind, extra money and what I would create in my life. The more I did, the more I could hear my inner voice and feel the pull of inner guidance showing me where to go next

I started exploring how I would FEEL if the life I wished I was living was my reality and started creating that feeling – and therefore “that life” –  in every and any way possible, no matter how small or insignificant it may have looked to others 

Listen. If your life is not where you want it to be, I want to help you.  I want to teach you the tools that will empower you to grow for a lifetime – because growth is an ever moving target over the journey of our lives – not an end goal that we set our focus on to reach once

I provide tools, strategy and creative shifts to support the expansion of your inner world and help your life get to the next level – a level that you choose for yourself

Led by my personal experiences, with years of personal mastery and self empowerment my goal is to help others along their journey, and work with those more established in their growth to navigate setting higher standards and inspire what is possible for you to expect in your life and reach for

You aren’t paying me for 3, 6 or 12 months of coaching and mentorship

You are gaining access to years of real life experience, education, personal growth, expansion and mastery

You are investing in a coaching container where the energy and space are held for you to expand as you unpack yourself and recreate who you are meant to be 

xoxo Jess