What is Empow(h)er

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard of me, worked with me, are connected to me online and/or have read my book Recurring Thought or Pursuit 365, the book I co-authored and know my passion for personal empowerment, my commitment to coach & mentor women into the version of themselves they are meant to be and the creation of the life they dream of living  

I know the power of women leaving their daily routines & the demands life asks of us. As mothers, as partners, as daughters, sisters and friends we play many rolls (too many to list here) throughout our lives and are asked to wear many hats

My desire for you is that you get to the core of who you are – without the titles & labels, without the pressures & demands of life, take those hats off & put your feet up surrounded by like minded women on this journey of life

As women we are foundational pieces in the lives of those around us & if a weekend retreat with a life coach sounds like an intriguing experience I am going to trust that you care for those around you in ways above & beyond and likely dream of some YOU time to fill your cup – my intention is to also fill your soul, spark your creativity, remind you of who you are & how you want to feel, get you back on the wheel of being inspired while also inspiring others

My personal intention is to host inspirational retreats that offer connection, feedback & support as we move through my signature program allowing you the space to explore new tools for living a life of ease & inspiration, creativity & expansion, clarity, personal accountability & healing built on the foundation of the vision you hold for the life you desire 

Growth is a moving target & I want to help you see that enjoying the journey is not only crucial, but the point 

Growth is an adventure & I want to be on it with you 

I want to coach & mentor you with an emphasis on serving your personal empowerment – where you leave with a new understanding of self, with tools to continue your growth & access to me long after our time together 

Who is this for

This is for the woman who values (or simply desires) support and who knows the value of taking time for herself (possibly for the first time in a long time)

This is for the woman who values surrounding herself with other like-minded women for a collective, sisterhood experience

As this is a weekend format, it will be intensive and intimate with a limited number of attendees where I can offer in person support for those ready to tackle an issue or challenge quickly, in the moment, with the opportunity for face face to support, feedback and accountability 

Attendees may be small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, mothers, or simply anyone who wants to learn more about personal growth, personal empowerment, mindset, emotional intelligence.

The women attending my retreats are ready to explore and let go of the old version of themselves, while gaining clarity on who they actually want to be, creating the vision for the life they want to live & exploring the space of the mind through the thoughts we think, the belief systems we hold and what we believe to be true and available for us in this life in a safe, intimate, exclusive setting 

This is for the woman ready to step into the future version of herself and explore what is possible 

Even if you’re not sure what the vision of your life looks like (yet) this weekend is for you if you’re interested in growth, personal evolution and find yourself asking if the life you are living is all there is, if you are simply tired of the way life is going, if you are looking at life wondering how you got here, doing things the way you are and are open to creating new ways and a new experience for yourself 

This is for the woman ready to truly embody who she is meant be and start creating a life she is obsessed with 

Where is it

One of my dreams is not only to serve women but to meet them for retreats in some of the worlds most beautiful destinations beginning in places that I have called home and have a deep connection to

I have lived in Nassau, Bahamas, La Jolla, California  & currently call Canada’s west coast home choosing Whistler as a “local” retreat option 

As someone who loves travel I LOVE mixing travel into the retreat experience 

Tulum & Las Vegas both hold special places in my heart and will be locations to be on the lookout for in 2022/23

Retreat locations are forecasted to be:

  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Southern California
  • Whistler BC, Canada 
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Tulum, Mexico

What you will learn

What, exactly, do you learn during an intensive personal empowerment retreat with a life + mindset coach?

While every retreat has a structure (detailed below) the focus is always on the real women attending each weekend, the conversations will flow around their real lives and the real life challenges they care to share and need support and clarity around

Retreats give the mind the space it needs without the outside noise of your day to day life to sit in the work being presented, to give you breathing room to help you understand your true self and gain clarity on the desires you hold for your life – with a life, mindset & personal empowerment coach alongside you, in the moment, for support, feedback & to ask the questions to get you thinking in new directions

The skill set we need as women shifts with the seasons of our lives. Those with young children versus those with no children or children who have moved out have very different day to day lifestyles – yet both need and deserve support, desire happiness and clarity on the life they want to be living, how they desire to feel and what fulfilment looks like “now” 

This is where mentorship comes in, even within the group, as women have the opportunity to share from their own personal experiences as well as hear from others that they are not alone

Throughout the EmpowHerment weekends I will coach you through my signature program The Aligned Mind, pulling in the tools that I use with my coaching clients, I mentor from the place of personal experience, personal mastery & lead through the example of embodiment of how I now – after years of practice – live my own life

The backbone of my signature program is my first two books: Recurring Thought + Work of Heart

You will be able to use these for reference throughout the weekend and after we all go home

Cost & what is included

There are always two costs with every purchase:

The cost of purchasing (which is in dollars)

Then there is the cost of NOT purchasing

In this case, what you are purchasing with the investment in yourself is personal growth, empowerment and the transformation that you desire in your life through coaching, mentorship, support and accountability

(that does not even mention or include that increased quality of life, clarity of thought, the result of lessening the chatter of the mind, less chaos in your life, more fulfillment, direction & the happiness  that my clients experience when they do the work & put the tools into action)

Either way, you’re paying a price

I do offer early bird pricing for people who book in advance – usually $500 off (this will vary with retreat locations, retreat style & whether you are travelling or attending a retreat local to you) 

A quick summary of what’s included:

  • Accommodations for the duration of your stay (may vary by retreat)
  • Most but not all meals
  • All weekend workshop coaching sessions
  • All transportation while on the retreat (may vary by retreat)

What may not be included:

  • Some meals
  • Optional add-on experiences (may vary by retreat)
  • Flights to and from the location
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Personal travel insurance

Your host

Jessica Francesca Di Caprio ( @itsjessfrancesca )

I am a life coach with a passion and focus on mindset & personal empowerment bringing my life experience and knowledge to women who are ready to take personal accountability and pursue the creation of the lives they dream of living. I understand this looks different for every woman, throughout the different seasons of our lives 

I am not just teaching women to shift, grow & evolve, I am creating community as a thought leader with a passion for not only coaching but mentoring others (there is a difference & not everyone understands both). I lead a life that is ever evolving, embodying what I teach. Living proof that our growth is not a destination, but a moving target and the magic lies in falling in love with the process and the journey itself

I believe in the power of uplifting others through coaching, mentorship and personal empowerment. Once we work together, you are in my circle for life as a valued member of my community 

The work I do is foundational in the understanding that your growth is a life-long journey. The tools you use during the retreat will be the tools you use int he months and years to come to reinvent yourself, repeatedly, as often as you choose and feel called to do 

I currently live on Canadas west coast with my 3 sons. You can get to know me across my social media presence and will find my love of donuts, coffee, travel and soccer. Brunch dates & book stores are my love language. Universal law & the understanding the balance between our feminine & masculine energies are foundational in everything I do 

Sample Retreat Itinerary


  • Take stock of where you are
  • Get clear on where you want to be & what you desire
  • Get specific with what you want, not how it’s going to happen


  • Challenge reword or let go of limiting & false beliefs
  • Know your values
  • Learn to think & speak in positives
  • Have appreciation
  • Create rituals & routines that support your vision
  • Be future focused
  • Live in a state of expectaiton


  • Calling things what they are exploring: 
  • Who you are becoming + your sense of worthiness
  • Living in limbo, with intention, balance + a clear sense of identity 
  • Exploring your sense of lack, where you can fall apart + how to use the feedback from your own life to serve you 



  • Connecting the dots through: 
  • Sorting our own baggage, our default modes
  • Our triggers, resistance + tolerance
  • The stories we tell + the rabbit holes we go down in self sabotage
  • Our validations + obligations 
  • Where we are living on auto pilot + how we can take personal ownership 


  • Reclaiming your power & never looking back through: 
  • Expectations, attachments + boundaries 
  • Current culture we live in, shiny object syndrome + the habit of comparison 
  • Spiritual hygiene, the power in our silence + inner child work 
  • Balancing the feminine + masculine

SUNDAY AFTERNOON | VIP Outing / Experience *varies by retreat + location 



Good enough is no longer good enough

You hold the power to create your dream life. It is achieved through gaining clarity, setting intentions and taking action. It isn’t accomplished in your sameness. Personal freedom isn’t found in your comfort zone. It isn’t created from a place or fear, lack or living with a “pay check to pay check” / “there’s always tomorrow or next year” mentality 

Good enough is no longer good enough

You have the talent within you to create “that life” you just may not have the tools. The magic happens when you shift from deciding what you want to declaring it will be your reality

Your word is law and through the understanding of your personal power, your will power alongside the expectations and beliefs you hold you will find the standards that you have set for yourself (that you may not be consciously aware of – yet) and become aware of how you are spending the resource of your energy 

Your current life is simply feedback. What you are experiencing is exactly what you expect (both the wanted and the unwanted). My goal is not to teach you how to attract – you are aleady attracting – whether you know it, like it, believe it, or not. My goal is to help you understand the inner workings of your own mind – both conscious and sub conscious – and help you make the shifts to create with intention and awareness 

This weekend will serve as a transformational journey that will help shift the noise in your recurring thoughts, rewording or letting go of the limiting thoughts that tell you you can’t have the desires you hold in your heart. We will spend each day clearing the old, outdated beliefs you hold and thoughts you allow, understanding that you are a human BEing, taking personal accountability for things consuming your time, attention and energy and stop DOing the things that steal your time & energy, preventing you from moving in the direction of the life you dream of living 

At the end of this weekend, you can expect to be clear on the moments when you feel your best, that fill you with joy and bring you happiness understanding what you were doing, who you were with and walk away with the tools to create a life around those standards knowing it is the icing on the cake of the foundation of living a life that inspires you and brings you personal happiness without the need of anyone or anything outside of yourself

You will have a deeper understanding of who you want to be, the future version of you, and how to show up as her through “method” living. You will have the tools to question your own thoughts, to shift or replace your limiting and false beliefs and the foundational understanding of alignment with the tools to know when you are both in and out of alignment, as well as how to regroup and realign as needed

This is how you take your power back 

I believe you already know what you want 

Empowerment is simply you getting out of your own way

How long are you going to accept what “is” as all there is?

Future you is waiting

What are you waiting for? 

Nassau, Bahamas is tentatively set for FALL 2022

Regular enrolment is $2,500CAD | The presale with early bird pricing is $2,000 CAD | this includes: 

  • Welcome drink Friday evening
  • All coaching sessions throughout the weekend
  • Breakfast + lunch Saturday & Sunday 
  • Saturday dinner (optional to attend) 
  • Sunday VIP afternoon (optional to attend) 
  • Farewell coffee Monday morning (optional to attend) 

Email info@jessicafrancesca.com for enrolment